ARPA members have immediate access to: 600mb total / 15000 files access to multiple subdomains (mkhomepg -a) voting priviledges on new system features (vote) telnet, ssh, scp, ftp, ytalk, irc, snarf gcc, perl, php, python, ruby, et cetera (type 'software arpa' for a complete list of programs) access to join VHOST, DNS, VPM, DBA, TWEAK & MetaARPA membership levels You too can become a LIFETIME member of the ARPA group by sending a ONE TIME contribution of $36 (or more!) to SDF. NON-US Residents can join ARPA by sending the amount via International Money Order, cash (US/EURO) or by PAYPAL. Be sure to include your user id of 'madhattr' LAND INTERNET (for donations over $5.00) ------------------------------------------------------------------ | SDF Public Access UNIX | PAYPAL.COM: | | PO BOX 1270 | E-GOLD.COM: 3366700 | | BELLEVUE WA 98009 USA | (Be sure to include your user id) | ------------------------------------------------------------------ Acceptable funds: Cheques, Money Orders, US, CDN, EURO, UK, AUS, YUAN and YEN